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    Don’t eat after 7 because you can’t burn calories at night

    Not true. It’s not when you eat but what you eat and how much you eat that counts. Though it makes sense to avoid late night snacks because they are laden with high calories. Eat a fruit instead.


    If you want to lose weight don't eat any carbohydrates 

    Carbs don't make you fat, but “excess carbs” do. Just as excess protein or excess fibre are bad for you. Eat in moderation – it’s the excess calories you eat that add to your weight.


    Skipping breakfast is no big deal ‘coz you can eat later

    Wrong, because you end up eating more and usually the wrong kind of food. It can also affect your energy levels and concentration. Starting the day on a full stomach is a much healthier option.


  • Mythbusters

    Don’t eat an egg because it’s bad for your heart

    Eggs do contain a fair bit of cholesterol but that doesn’t mean you have to skip them entirely. Remember, eggs are a rich source of proteins and contain Vitamins A, D & E. Indulge in them sparingly (like twice a week) and you’re good.


    Eating mangoes can cause pimples and rash

    Unless you happen to be allergic to mangoes, there’s no reason to fear. In any case, pimples and acne are usually caused by a bacterial infection and have no connection with any food group. And mangoes are actually good for your skin as they are rich in Vitamins A & E.


    Avoid banana, grapes & chikoo if you’re diabetic

    People with diabetes need to watch their carbohydrates intake, irrespective of where this comes from. The only disadvantage of a high-carbohydrate fruit is that you get to eat a smaller portion. So while you may be able to consume a cup or two of watermelon or orange, you can eat only half a cup of chikoo or grapes.


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