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    Dear Doctor, I'm a 37-yr old man. My height is 5'6" but my fluctuates between 52kg to 54kg. I'm taking good diet but still I cannot gain weight. Please advice?
  • A:

    If you ask me, your weight in reference to your height, is not that bad. In fact, people spend loads of money trying to achieve your weight level!


    But on a more serious note, I should begin by telling you that weight is linked to a lot of factors like your genetic make-up, body metabolism, family history, caloric intake, underlying medical condition (like thyroid), stress & mental health, etc.


    I suggest you get some basic investigations done like Thyroid Profile, Renal Profile & Hepatic Profile. And consult your local physician to rule out any chronic illness.


    If you have no underlying medical condition, you try increasing your caloric intake. By this I mean eating more of healthy food. Do not binge on fatty-foods as this will only lead to health problems down the line. And stay happy & calm as stress also affects your weight.

    - Dr. S. P. Datta, MBBS
    General Physician

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