Wheat Allergy, Spondylitis & Constipation

  • Q:
    from diabetes since the year 1996. Wheat Allergy diagnosed 27 months back I.e. In April 2014. Also suffering from Cervical spondylitis with vertigo since 1996. Also on gluten free / wheat free diet. Taking insulin 4 times with 12-10-12 (Novorapid)-24 (Lantus). Constipation remains daily. Pls advise some homeopathic medicine.
    Rajinder Talwar
  • A:

    For Gluten allergy, take Dr. Reckeweg’s R83. Take 20 drops in the morning with water before breakfast. 

    For cervical spondylitis, take SBL Vertefine Drops. To be taken two times a day with 10 drops in the morning and 10 drops in the night with water after food. 

    For constipation, take Bakson’s Y-Lax Tablets. The dosage is one tablet in the night after dinner. 

    You need to continue taking these medicines for at least six months.   

    - Dr. Vijay Kumar, BHMS
    Consultant Homeopathy Physician

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