Foot Pain

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    Hi, my age is 27. I have severe foot pain after I come back from work every day. I have a standing job (for past 5 years). I wear big heel sports shoes but still my foot hurts in the evening. Please advice.
  • A:

    You have not described the exact site of the pain - is it in the sole, heel or lower feet? Also, what kind of pain is it – burning or aching? And how do you normally relieve the pain - by massaging it, walking a bit or compression? In the absence of this information, I am unable to arrive at any conclusion.


    It’s possible that your standing-job profile may be responsible for this pain. Try taking frequent breaks to rest your feet and see if that works. If it doesn’t, consult a local orthopaedician for a physical diagnosis. You can also consult a physiotherapist for painrelief therapy.

    - Dr. Abhijit Dam, MD, FCCP, FPM, MSc.Pall.Med.(Cardiff)

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