• I was suffering from Miocardial Infraction and underwent Bypass last February. Even now my EF is just 30%. What are the remedies to improve the EF? Please advice.

  • Subject: Foot Pain

    Hi, my age is 27. I have severe foot pain after I come back from work every day. I have a standing job (for past 5 years). I wear big heel sports shoes but still my foot hurts in the evening. Please advice.

  • from diabetes since the year 1996. Wheat Allergy diagnosed 27 months back I.e. In April 2014. Also suffering from Cervical spondylitis with vertigo since 1996. Also on gluten free / wheat free diet. Taking insulin 4 times with 12-10-12 (Novorapid)-24 (Lantus). Constipation remains daily. Pls advise some homeopathic medicine.

  • My dad, aged 72 years, is a CKD patient (on account of high BP) and has been on dialysis since March 2013. While he manages to lead as normal a life as possible (i.e. he drives his car, manages his finances, etc), we require your guidance on the following issues: • Hemoglobin continues to be high (15+ even when blood is released twice a month) • BP is always low (in the 90 by 60 range) • Very tired especially on the day of dialysis • Read More
  • I am Naveen (32 years old male). I am suffering from movement disorder from the last 8-10 years. Sometimes (between 2 attacks - may be alternate day to month to years) I have to move my limbs in awkward direction rapidly. It (involuntarily movements) can affect all my body parts including head which is the worst. I feel so much pressure in my head that i have to rotate my head clockwise / anti-clockwise. All these are temporarily suppressible. Read More
  • Subject: Sexual Health
    Dear Doctor, I am a 28 year old suffering from nocturnal emissions for the past 9 years - it occurs 1 or 2 times a week. I have been masturbating frequently from the age 13. My penis size is small. Sometimes there’s pain in my testicles after ejaculations. Plus, there are allergies on the skin and the semen is thin like water. I am concerned about my sperm count and whether all these problems can cause infertility and lead to problems in my mar Read More
  • Dear Doctor, I'm a 37-yr old man. My height is 5'6" but my fluctuates between 52kg to 54kg. I'm taking good diet but still I cannot gain weight. Please advice?

  • Subject: Thalassemia

    Is CBC test alone sufficient to confirm that one does not have Thalassemia?

  • Dear Doctor, I am a 22-yr old man. My voice is shrill and low - at times, it sounds like a girl's voice. Is there any remedy for this problem?

  • My dad has been on haemodialysis for the last 30 months. The dailyser is typically used between 8-12 times. Should we be looking at replacing the dialyzer each time we have the procedure? Also, in the last 2 dialysis instances, my dad experienced acute cramps toward the end of the procedure. Is there anything that we can do to help?


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