Treat acidity & heartburn the natural way!

Acidity, heartburn and indigestion can be quite discomforting. Put a stop to it with the following home remedies:


  • Tulsi leaves: Reduces the acid build-up in the stomach – chew a handful of tulsi leaves after a meal for immediate relief.


  • Cold milk: Provides relief from burning sensation in acid reflux - drink plain, without any added sugar.


  • Ginger: Believed to be better than most over-the-counter remedies for acidity – have a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger for best effect.


  • Chewing gum: Stimulates the salivary glands – the increased flow of saliva washes away the acid build up.


  • Banana: Contains natural antacid, which acts as a buffer against acid reflux.


  • Regular Meals: Long gap between meals caused increases acid build-up in the stomach – eat small portions at regular intervals.


(Note: Home remedies are not a treatment for a disease and should not be viewed as such. We recommend you consult a doctor to treat your medical condition.)


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