How to Keep Your Asthma in Check This Summer?

A few simple steps can help keep your Asthma attack in check


Summer months are eagerly awaited - with schools being shut, it is the perfect time to venture out for trips and get some dose of sunshine. However, for those who suffer from Asthma, the summer months can turn out to be a nightmare.


Soaring temperatures along with the rise in humidity levels act as a perfect environment of breeding ground for allergens like dust mites, molds etc. that can trigger an Asthma attack.


Asthma is a chronic lung disease that results in breating difficulty and is caused by the constriction & inflammation of muscles and swellings that block the passage of air. Noticeable symptoms of Asthma include frequent coughing, cold, shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing while sleeping, wheezing etc.


Heat stress can affect the physiology of the airways. Pollens that are abundant during the summer season and chlorine (which is added to swimming pools to keep the water safe) can also act as triggers for an Asthma attack. And so can increased pollution and vehicular smoke.


An Asthma attack can be a nightmare, but a few simple steps can help to keep it in check. 


  • Know your triggers: It is important to understand the triggers that lead to your Asthma attack, so you can try and keep away from them. Hence, it is recommended that you get your allergies diagnosed and receive the proper medication.


  • Keep your cool: As the temperature outside rises, so does our body temperature. Hence, it is important that you stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water (safe drinking water) to help maintain the body temperature.


  • Exercise regularly: Believe it or not, regular exercises can actually improve your breathing ability. Hence, don't make Asthma your excuse to stop exercising. But take care not to push yourself extra hard, especially if your Asthma is not well controlled.


  • Get Regular Checkups: The best way to prevent an Asthma attack is to visit your doctor regularly for checkups. Getting the right medication (based on your condition) is imperative. Do not self medicate. 


Never ignore your Asthma symptoms and take your medicines regularly.


- Dr. Sumant N. Mantri, Senior Consultant Respiratory Medicine, Sakra World Hospital, Bangalore


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